A Dream of Death in the iBookstore’s “Breakout Books”

      That’s right! Apple’s US store has now started the “Breakout Books” section that has been in their UK and Australian stores and A Dream of Death is one of the debut titles. With seventy books to start (fifty-four from fellow Smashwords-distributed authors) this is a great program that highlights the work of independently published authors. It is an honour to have my book alongside some of the top indie authors, including some of the authors that made me realize that independent publishing was the way to go.

      Click on the link to head to the iBookstore’s “Breakout Books” (this may only work if you are already set up in iTunes for the US store). There are a lot of great books available and if you have downloaded A Dream of Death already but don’t have it on your iDevice, feel free to download it again for the low, low price of FREE. Head here to find all of my books available on the iBookstore.

      The NY Times also had an article on Apple’s program that can be found here. Unfortunately none of the authors are named in the article, but the publicity is amazing.

      And last but certainly not least, Smashwords founder Mark Coker has written a blog post regarding the program that can be found here or just head to smashwords.com and take a look around. I’d like to take a moment here to give a big thank you both to Mark Coker and to the staff at Apple. After receiving an e-mail from Mark about my book being included I couldn’t find it in the Breakout Books section. I sent Mark an e-mail and in less than an hour had a reply from him with the reply he had received from Apple: my book had been missed and would be added in at the next update (which happened less than an hour later). Customer service like that is hard to find these days and shows the professionalism and care that Smashwords gives its authors. Thanks, Mark.

      And thank you to everyone who has taken the time to download, buy, read, recommend, review, etc. my books. It’s almost been a year since I published A Dream of Death (although things didn’t take off until June/July 2012) and I never expected the response I’ve received. It’s been a wild ride and I’m sure it’ll only get wilder. Thank you all for your support. All I can say is I have some pretty amazing readers!

      And stay tuned for information on Death by Degrees, the third installment in the Lincoln Munroe series. I’m hoping for a May or June release… fingers crossed.

      All the best,