Death By Degrees Available Now! [UPDATED AGAIN]

Death By Degrees

      Death By Degrees, the third installment in the Detective Lincoln Munroe Series, is now available! You can currently pick it up from Amazon and Smashwords, however it will be available at all retailers within (hopefully) the next twenty-four hours (I use Smashwords to distribute to Kobo, Nook and the iBookstore so there is a delay in publishing). I’ll update this with links as it becomes available at other retailers.

[UPDATE – 2013/08/24]Death By Degrees is now available wherever eBooks are sold! YAY! [END UPDATE]

As a hello to my new fans from the UK (Amazon finally price-matched A Dream of Death making it free in the UK as well), I’ve included both the links to Amazon and Amazon UK (so make sure you click the right one!).

Death By Degrees –

Death By Degrees –

Death By Degrees – Smashwords

Death By Degrees – Barnes and Noble

Death By Degrees – Kobo

Death By Degrees – iTunes


      A simple e-mail; short, sweet and to the point: a victim’s name, GPS coordinates, and the fact that the body will be found in a shallow grave. Addressed to Detective Lincoln Munroe, OPP Homicide, and signed with the killer’s name and address, the e-mail is found, with help from an unexpected source, to be one of sixty-four, all nearly identical and sent to police services around the world.

      Lincoln finds himself recruited by Interpol—along with a few of his coworkers—to track down an international serial killer who is convinced he’ll never be stopped and who will do anything to prove that he can’t be. In a global game of cat-and-mouse, one question remains: who’s hunting whom?