A Dream Of Death

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Book One in the Detective Lincoln Munroe Series

      Ontario Provincial Police Detective Lincoln Munroe is coming up empty. As a serial killer terrorizes the area surrounding London, Ontario, Canada, Lincoln finds himself at a standstill waiting for the perfect killer to make his first mistake.

      While the body count rises without any leads, Lincoln finds himself haunted by dreams of discovering skeletal remains in the forest beneath a bloody knife. The dreams seem to come true when Lincoln is called to Algonquin Park to assist an old colleague. There he is tasked with overseeing the excavation of human remains buried more than twenty-five years earlier; remains that will bring to the surface cold cases, a painful past and memories Lincoln had long since forgotten.

4 thoughts on “A Dream Of Death

  1. Just finished the book and bought the next one. A very enjoyable read with a main character I want to follow to his next adventure. Born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, it freaked me out at first, trying to reconcile a serial killer in the southwest of Ontario. (If there are actually lots, please don’t tell me, I like living in oblivion.) Once I got past that, following the action through towns and down streets that I know added a fascinating layer to the story for me.

    • Great to hear from a local reader! And don’t worry, serial killers are a rarity in our area. In the book Lincoln mentions it having been about thirty years since the last one which is in fact true. One of the upcoming Lincoln novellas will take place just south of Chatham in Morpeth and I want to set one in Chatham, something to do with the rich history and Chatham’s place in the Underground Railroad – just waiting for the right story to come to me!

      Thanks for your comment,


  2. Loved it! I enjoy reading crime books and I can tag this one near the top. I’ll read the next one and hope it to be as great as this was!

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