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      Harrison Drake is the pseudonym of a Canadian writer and career police officer who has chosen anonymity in order to protect a safe, secure and quiet lifestyle for his family. If he can’t be found at home playing with his children or sitting in his lonely writer’s garret, he’ll be outside gazing up at the night sky and searching for answers.

      Art comes in many forms, every piece different in its own way, and Drake believes it is necessary to challenge oneself, to never allow that art to grow stagnant. As such, Drake finds himself bound by no one specific genre and writes freely that which his mind creates. It is for this reason that Drake has chosen to enter the world of the independent author. Art is an entity that needs room to breathe, space to grow, and the freedom to take its own shape.

      Drake is the author of the ‘Detective Lincoln Munroe’ series of character-driven police procedurals, with A Dream Of Death and Blue Rubicon currently published in the series. There are currently plans in various stages for (at least) three more novels and a novella series featuring cases investigated by Lincoln prior to the events started in A Dream Of Death.

      Additionally, Drake has written a novella, My Life In Darkness, that tells, through a series of letters, the story of one man’s tragic life and secret love as he travels the world seeking out solar eclipses. Only in the darkness an eclipse brings can he find the light.

      Subsequent to this, Drake will be working on the first novel in a series tentatively titled In The Seasons Of His Agony. The series will focus on the aftermath of a global plague, the players who set the end in motion, and the survivors who must fight for their lives against the world itself – and each other. The series will be told in four parts, with the fourth installment being both a prequel and the finale of the series.

      Next, Drake intends to work on the first novel in a series he has been planning for many years: a vampire series titled Between Worlds that promises to breathe new life into the genre. Mixing equal parts fantasy and science fiction, the series will be one of the first to offer a rational explanation for the existence of vampires.

      What does the future hold beyond that? Further crime novels and novellas, a paranormal series for young adults, science fiction in all shapes and sizes – from hard sci-fi (i.e., Battlestar Galactica or Stargate) to the sci-fi tinged (such as Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife) and everything in between. Genres are guidelines, guidelines are like rules, and rules were meant to be broken.

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  1. I read A Dream Of Death. It’s the best book I’ve ever read. I fell in love with the characters and I’m not the book-eating type though. Just followed H. Drake on Twitter hopin’ for a follow back :)

  2. Just read A Dream of Death. I was a little confused at first, since I’m American and didn’t realize London was a Canadian city. But I soon figured out what country I was in and considered it a good story. I admit I downloaded your book as a freebie for my Nook, but I will look for Blue Rubicon in the traditional media, as I prefer books. Kudos.

    • Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake! There is also a Sydney in Nova Scotia… they’ve had a few people land at the airport wondering why they weren’t in Australia!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I haven’t made Blue Rubicon available in print yet (there wasn’t much demand for A Dream of Death in print), but perhaps it’s time to get it out there!

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to post.


  3. I read Dream of Death and loved every minute of it! I was hooked from the start. I just finished Blue Rubicon an hour ago and I just bought it on my Nook yesterday. This is my new favorite series!! Can’t wait for Death By Degrees!

    • I will never get tired of hearing from fans! Very happy to hear from you, and new favorite series? Awesome! As far as Death by Degrees go, I’m hoping (fingers crossed) for an April release, but so far Lincoln and Kara are being a little difficult when it comes to writing this one. Stay tuned for more information!


  4. I bought all three of the lincoln Munroe saga and I loved everyone and I don’t read books ever and I was hooked on this guy’s life in these stories it’s utterly amazing can wait to see what else you have in store for lincoln and his life kinda anxious

    • Chris,

      Thanks for the message! Glad to hear you’re liking the books. Things have been moving slower than I’d hoped, but I’ll have book three and another novella out toward the end of the summer (likely mid-August). Sorry for making you wait, hopefully you don’t get too anxious!



  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 Lincoln Munroe books I just finished and am anxiously awaiting the next.
    I’m happy to see that you are planning a sci-fi series as well.
    I love both genres: sci-fi/fantasy and detective/mysteries. While you didn’t mention Startrek, it was my intro to sci-fi, and I loved the series. Because of NetFlix, I can now watch entire series of all the great sci-fi productions like it, along with Babylon5 and the classics that you mentioned. Yet, I love books whether the words are printed on paper or shown on a screen.
    What pleases me most is all the self-published works available because of electronic publishing.
    Thank you for your imagination and effort in publishing a delightful series and the electronic media that has made it possible to enjoy it!

    • Mary,

      Thanks for your comment! Book Three in the Munroe series should be out by the end of August. I’m working away to get it and another Munroe novella wrapped up so stay tuned!

      I’m not sure if I’ll be going into the sci-fi next, or into a post-apocalyptic series (that will have sci-fi elements to it). I enjoy Star Trek, but I never got into it as much as I did Stargate and other sci-fi series. I’d say Next Generation and Voyager were my favourites, although the original is definitely classic! And you’re right, the move to electronic media is great for books, for old series, for movies. It’s become so easy to find what we’re looking for! And the move to independent publishing has been an incredible one and it is a great ride to be on.



  6. I just finished the first two books in the series! These books are amazing and I recommend them to everyone interested in this genre. I never really liked to read and when I did read read, it took me forever to finish the book. But when I started this series I read through the chapters faster than any other book! I can’t wait for Death by Degrees!!

    • Thank you for your comment, Amber! I love to hear about people recommending my books. That really is the best compliment I can receive!

      Death By Degrees will be out by the end of August, so stay tuned for updates.


  7. A dream of death was such an amazing read I thought i would come here and thank you for writing it. It’s funny: I just bought an iPad and wanted to break it in by trying to get into a book so I browsed the book section and came to a Stephen king book and immediately bought it based on the reviews. Not to nock Stephen, but I realized 200 pages in I was forcing myself to read at that point out of some “well I paid for it. I have to read it!”obligation.

    Took a break realizing how bored out of my mind I was and saw your free book in iBooks. Thought it sounded like a good premise and liked the cover so I downloaded it and wow. This is where I would’ve spent my money had I known about it when I first came on here! After the first page I was hooked. Great story, great character development and the way you use words is just breathtaking. Great job Harrison.

    Can I ask? What inspired you after all those years as a cop to write? And were you a natural or did you work at it and take some writing courses? Are there many parallels to Lincoln to your own life or is it pure fiction?

    Onto the next one!

    • Marcus,

      Wow. Thank you. This is one of the best comments I’ve ever received. Although I do have to ask which Stephen King book you were reading! 😉

      As for your questions, I’ve always written. Ever since I was a kid I was crafting stories whenever and wherever I could. I’d started and never finished many novels prior to A Dream of Death. I credit policing with helping me to formulate a solid mystery and with writing crime fiction. I never specifically took any creative writing courses but after years of report writing as well as essays throughout university it at least gave me a foundation from which to start. As for any parallels, there may be some, but for the most part it is fiction. What those parallels are will have to remain a secret!

      Thanks again for your comment. It’s always nice to hear from readers, and when the message is as awesome as yours, it sure makes this author’s day!

      Yours in writing,


  8. Just finished the first book in the Lincoln Munroe series and absolutely loved it! It drew me in from the first and I could barely put it down. Looking forward to reading more.

    • I’ve been busy working on book four which should be out in the early Spring. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!


  9. Recently read the first two books in the Lincoln Munroe series. I have been an avid reader for life. I’m always looking for new authors and you are definitely on my radar now . Keep up the great work! I’ll be checking out what Lincoln and Kara will be getting into next.

    • Thanks for the post and compliments! I’ve been busy keeping up the “great work” and putting Kara and Lincoln through the paces once more. Stay tuned for updates on when the next one will be out.


  10. I just finished reading all of the Lincoln Munroe books and the novella (the novella read after A Dream of Death but “whatever”). I didn’t read your bio until I found it at the back of Death By Degrees, but it certainly explains the minute detail.
    You are a brilliant writer. I could “see” everything I was reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. I’m not sure if you intend to continue with Lincoln or not as the epilogue felt a little hurried in terms of wrapping things up. A girl can hope!
    Thank you for finding the time to write when I’m sure your life is pretty busy handling your job plus family!

    • Wow, thank you! I’m going to use that ego boost as fuel for writing book four (yes, there is a fourth!). Don’t worry, I had no intentions of leaving the series like that. I can’t leave such a large loose end untied. I’m hoping to have the fourth book ready for the early Spring. Stay tuned for updates.

      I definitely feel that my career has helped with writing crime fiction. It’s nice to hear from readers who appreciate the detail and the investigative process as sometimes I worry I’ve gone into too much detail in terms of the police work.

      Life is busy, of course, but I try to find as much time as I can to write. It can be, when it goes well, a great way to relieve stress.


  11. I’ve just finished reading all the Lincoln Series including the Novella’s and I’m hooked !! Can’t wait for the next one … What happens to Kat ….. oooo this is going to be a long wait. Awesome writing Mr Drake ….. the new James Patterson, Jeffrey Deaver and like !! Look forward to Book 4 !!

    • Well, those are people I’m happy to be compared to! Thank you very much. Hopefully the wait won’t be too much longer, I’m aiming for an early Spring release for book four. I’ll be posting updates as it gets closer so stay tuned!

      Thank you again for the compliments!


  12. Just finished the Lincoln Munroe series. WOW! Could not put it down. Very, very anxious for the next in the series. Awesome writing. Keep them coming!!

    • Thank you! I’m hard at work on book four and it should be out in a couple of months. Stay tuned for more!


  13. Mr Drake,

    I just finished your third book and I am in pain. Yes, pain. I knew it was going to be Kat – wondered why they did not even think about birth dates even though it was not that which got her abducted. What I was completely unprepared for was the fact that it ended as it did – with her not found. I certainly hope that Link and his family will find closure with this – really what I hope is that she came out of it alive but I am more realistic than that. I do hope you have written a fourth installment and that you will no longer keep us in suspense, (as this would be a horrible way to end a series), and that this book will be out very soon.

    I have enjoyed all the novels very much so far (other than the last for above mentioned reasons), and I hope to keep enjoying the rest of your books. Thank you for keeping us up all night to finish your books. I could never put one down long enough to get any sleep after having started it.

    • I want to reply to everything you wrote, but I can’t without spoiling everything! Sorry! The next one should be out in the next couple of months, so just be patient and all will be revealed! I’m aiming for the end of March/early April for the release of book four. Stay tuned!

      Thank you for you comment and compliments and I apologize for negatively affecting your sleep schedule. 😉 Hearing that a reader couldn’t put my book down is beyond wonderful. Thank you for that!

      Yours in writing,


  14. I just finished the 3 books and both Novellas with Lincoln. I came here to find out when book #4 would be available. After reading all the comments it looks to be this spring. Awesome! You left us hanging at the end of Death by Degrees!! :) Type faster! I’m very curious to see what happens next. I am a teacher, wife, and mother of 4, so I don’t get much time to read (but have always loved reading). I made time for your books.
    Your writing has so much voice and draws the reader right into the story. I can visualize every scene you write. I love this series and have recommended it to my friends who are readers. Keep up the good work! (and I am hoping that Kat is found alive and can rejoin her family.)

    • Thank you so much! As someone who also has little time for reading, the fact that you made time for my books is an amazing compliment. And I can’t thank you enough for recommending my work. As an indie author I don’t have the media machine to help push my books. Thank you for spreading the word. :)

      As for the end of Death by Degrees… my characters have sworn me to secrecy. No spoilers allowed. I’m hoping to have book four out around the end of March or early April, so the wait isn’t too much longer. I’ll be posting on the website once I have a more solid idea of a release date.



  15. Just finished reading the Lincoln Munroe series and the novellas. Great stuff. Don’t know where you get the details of the International destinations, but it feels like I’m there, part of the investigative team. I want to be Kara! I love all your characters, including the geeky Eddie. Can’t wait for your next novel. I’m good with all the genres you mention above. I love the fast pace, Great for my enjoyment and relaxation. Thanks. Keep them coming.

    • Janice,

      The internet is a wonderful thing. 😉 With GoogleEarth and StreetView you barely need to leave the office to travel. Although there’s nothing like visiting the actual place. Perhaps one day, when my research budget increases a bit.

      The new one is out now, hopefully it exceeds your expectations! As for more writing, I still have a couple of crime novels up my sleeve before I move to another genre.


  16. I’ve absolutely adored the Lincoln Monroe series, but where or where is book four? I feel like I’ve lost contact with friends, and at such a bad time too!! PLEASE ………… put me out of my misery!!

    Thanks Debs xx

    • Debs,

      It’s out on Amazon now and Smashwords as well. I just got it uploaded so it’ll take a couple of days to hit Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore and Kobo. Check the new post that will be up on the site in a few for links.

      And I’m assuming you want me to put you out of your misery by publishing book four, right? 😉


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