Full Fathom Five – The Homicide Files — Available Wherever eBooks are Sold!

      Well, it has been a long time. I apologize for my absence but I return bearing a new work of fiction for your reading enjoyment. Also, I want to thank everyone who has been reading/buying my books. I never expected such a response to my work so quickly, and although the majority has been from free downloads, it’s still an amazing feeling. I may not be close to retiring yet and becoming a full-time writer, but that hope is there. Thank you.

      On to the good stuff: Full Fathom Five, the first installment in The Homicide Files (a series of novellas featuring Detective Lincoln Munroe), is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, and will soon be available on Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Kobo and the iBookstore (just have to wait for Smashwords to send it over and for them to make it live – hopefully won’t be long).

Full Fathom Five – Amazon

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Full Fathom Five


      Breaking in a new partner is the least of Detective Lincoln Munroe’s worries – the body of a scuba diver has been found in a century-old shipwreck under a hundred feet of cold, treacherous water. When all signs point to murder, Lincoln is forced to dust off his scuba gear and investigate a crime scene like no other.

      Full Fathom Five is the first installment in a series of novellas featuring Detective Lincoln Munroe that will take place prior to the events of A Dream of Death. The events begin approximately three years prior to the events of A Dream of Death and subsequent installments will continue chronologically from that point to A Dream of Death.