Series Overview

      In The Seasons Of His Agony will be a four-part series focusing on the aftermath of an apocalyptic event that leaves only a few hundred survivors. The series begins on ‘Day One’, the day after humanity’s final day – extrapolated by scientists to mark the death of all people globally. The story will be told in third person, contrary to my usual writing style, and focus on a number of the survivors. Each chapter will focus on them and their interactions, remaining in third person but told moreso from their viewpoint.

      In the first days, the survivors find themselves guided by an image in their minds – one of a new Eden, a paradise hidden away somewhere on Earth. It is this that guides them, leading them to the ultimate destination. Readers will meet the founders of a new era, a new civilization, while also meeting those who set the end in motion. It will be an epic battle for survival, one which many will not win, as the survivors fight for their lives against the world itself, and each other.

      The series will be told in four parts, with the fourth installment being both a prequel and the finale of the series.

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