Series Overview

      A series of first-person mystery novels written in the style of a ‘police procedural’. These novels are told from the perspective of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Homicide Detective Lincoln Munroe.

      Lincoln is (during the events of A Dream of Death) a twelve-year veteran of the OPP stationed in the Western Region Headquarters, located in London, Ontario, Canada. The initial offerings in the series will take place in Ontario, primarily in the region surrounding the City of London, while subsequent novels will take place internationally.

      A dedicated and highly respected member of the OPP, Lincoln is a family man to the core and would much prefer to be enjoying the quiet life with his wife, Kat, and his children, Link and Kasia. He is a man of integrity and will do what is right regardless of the consequences, something evident in Blue Rubicon when he finds himself working both sides of the police force, investigating the murder of a police officer and its link to police corruption.

      Hailing from nearby Chatham, Ontario, Lincoln’s family history is a storied one. The child of an African-American father and Irish mother, Lincoln is the descendant of former slaves whose own story is steeped in Canadian history.

      The series focuses on Lincoln’s own journey of self-discovery as he struggles with an uncertain present and a violent past, one long since forgotten.

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